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The University of Stockholm (Stockholm University) is located in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. It was founded in 1878 and began with the name Stockholm högskola. It started out by giving several free lectures on the natural sciences. The university still carries out this tradition by inviting prominent scholars and statesmen to lecture on a wide variety of topics.

Stockholm högskola was officially allowed to grant degrees in 1904. The Swedish government granted it university status in 1960, making it Sweden's fourth state university. As the number of enrollees increased from year to year, more campuses were added to the existing one at Frescati. Today, the University of Stockholm provides a world-class learning environment to almost 40,000 students. It employs around 5,600 employees, making it one of the biggest employers in Stockholm.


All the conveniences of a small town can be found at the Frescati campus of the University of Stockholm. It has a number of restaurants, sports playing fields, bookshops, parks, and a travel bureau. It even has its own train station called the Universitetet that connects to the red line of the Stockholm Metro.

Famous Students

The University of Stockholm has produced many notable scholars, statesmen, and artists like legendary film director Ingmar Bergman, U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammerskjold, former Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, former Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palme, and Nobel Prize awardee in Chemistry Svante Arrhenius.

The University of Stockholm accepts exchange students if there is a current exchange agreement between the university and the sending university. The International Student Office offers advice on the application procedures and university studies. Foreign students who want to study in the university can e-mail their enquiries at They can also call the International Student Office at + 46 8 16 28 45 or fax their enquiries at the International Student Exchange at +46 8 16 17 57.

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Stockholm University

Stockholm University

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